Albi Homes

4770 110th Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2C 2T8


Building a Legacy

Albi Homes was founded in 1982 by Tom Mauro and has since grown into one of Calgary’s most admired and trusted luxury homebuilders. Named for the small town in which Tom was born, Albi is built upon a solid foundation of Old World values, European craftsmanship and timeless architecture. We’re not Calgary’s largest builder, nor are we the smallest. We’re the right size to focus on our clients’ needs and deliver what we promise.

Our People

The very heart of Albi is our people. Professional, experienced, and motivated, “Albi-ites” are committed to providing services and products that represent the very best in our industry. We are a close-knit group, supportive of each other, proud of our work, and loyal to our customers. It’s no wonder we continue to attract exceptional people to our team.