Anderson Plumbing and Heating

4510 6A St. NE
Calgary, AB T2E 4B3

Anderson Plumbing Company: Calgary’s Plumbing and Heating Contractors

Plumbing and Furnace Repair: Generations of Experience

Don’t settle for halfway fixes to your plumbing or heating that will cost you more for later repairs and lost energy. Instead, Anderson Plumbing Company Ltd in Calgary has proven since 1912 that our customers’ plumbing and heating systems will work properly and economically. Keeping current with energy-saving technology while honouring traditional reliability, Anderson Plumbing’s services for Calgary and surrounding area include:

• Residential Plumbing and Repairs

• Hydronic and Radiant Heating Systems

• Furnace Repairs

• Backflow Prevention Testing

• Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

Hydronic Heating Systems: Solutions for Comfort and Energy Efficiency

For new construction or home additions, consider the new generation of hydronic heating systems installed by Anderson Plumbing Company. Radiating comfortable heat with the energy efficiency of a closed pipe system, hydronic heating warms your floors and rooms without the need for vents or ducts. Contact Anderson Plumbing for more information today.

Replace, Remodel and Renovate with Anderson Plumbing Company

When are ready to replace your water heater, renovate your home or just remodel one bathroom, Anderson Plumbing is the plumbing and heating contractor you need for older or newer residential construction. Our experienced plumbers help you choose the most efficient and reliable products on the market today. Our services include:

• Remodelling and Renovations

• Gas Fitting

• Boilers and Pumps

• Water Heaters