Calgary Economic Development

731 1st Street SE
Calgary, AB T2G2G9
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Calgary Economic Development works with business, government and community partners to achieve economic success, embrace shared prosperity and build a strong community for Calgary.

Managed by an independent Board of Directors, Calgary Economic Development is a not-for-profit corporation funded by the City of Calgary, community partners, other orders of government and the private sector through the Action Calgary program. As the stewards of building on our energy, the 10-year Economic Strategy for Calgary, Calgary Economic Development acts in accordance with the key objectives set out in the strategy and supports the Leadership Team responsible for the strategy's implementation.

Calgary Economic Development is a conduit, connector, catalyst and storyteller.

We are opportunity-makers, helping to spark and fuel the growth that has made Calgary an economic powerhouse. We nurture prospects and potential. We harness possibilities. And we support individual and business prosperity.

We are connectors, linking business people with change-makers: investors, advisors, industry leaders, partners and employees. We introduce companies to new locations, markets and customers. And help new Calgarians meet mentors and employers – and find their place in our workforce, and in our community.

We are storytellers, charged with the happy responsibility of getting to know Calgary, and sending its good news well beyond the city limits.

We are a wealth of information. It’s our business to figure out what makes Calgary work. And it’s our job to share facts and resources freely with everyone who wonders why or how or how much.

Like the city we serve, we’re collaborative, entrepreneurial, innovative, social, creative and global.

We are Calgary’s opportunity-makers. As conduits, connectors, catalysts and storytellers, we help shape and share Calgary’s story. And we’re proud to be part of the energy.