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Calgary, AB T2R 0C5

One Of The Finest Groups Of Diversely Skilled Professionals Available In Western Canada

Cenera is a human resource and business consulting firm that has been providing our services in Alberta since 1996. The company was called Canadian Career Partners from 1996 to 2003. We rebranded in 2003 to better represent the wide range of services we provide to our clients. Collectively, members of our team have more than 200+ years experience delivering human resource services to Albertans. Our clients come from all industries and sectors in the province, including oil and gas, manufacturing, not-for-profit organizations, financial services, small business, health care, municipalities, and academia. Our multi-skilled team of experienced Career Coaches and administrative professionals allows us to respond rapidly and effectively to our clients' organizational needs regardless of the size of the project or where in Alberta the need exists.

Our professionals have achieved designations from a number of associations including, the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Alberta, International Coach Federation, and the Human Resources Institute of Alberta.

A Global Organization With Passion And A Shared Vision

Cenera has been a proud partner of Career Partners International (CPI) since 1997, one of our many strategic alliances that benefit our clients. Providing local expertise and global support through more than 160 offices in over 20 countries, Cenera/Career Partners International is a proven leader in talent management consulting services.

Our Standards And Shared Values
•We are focused on acquiring and developing mutually beneficial client relationships, on high quality delivery, and on developing innovative products and services.
•We are a high performing team that sets clear and ambitious goals, steward them to ensure they are achieved, and recognize and reward their achievement.
•We invest in learning to ensure we have the skills and capabilities necessary to be successful.
•In creating a highly motivated, high performing team, we are rigorous in selecting only the most talented people that will fit our organization.
•We are successful only when everyone on the team achieves their objectives and we consciously support each other to maximize our contribution.
•We are a "can-do" organization that learns from our successes and failures and focuses on the constructive actions we can take to make things better.
•We work in a participative environment where we have the freedom to use our best judgment to develop opportunities, to satisfy client needs, and to participate in decisions that affect our work.
•We communicate regularly and effectively with each other sharing the information we need to do our jobs.
•We have a generosity of spirit, knowing that we have the organization's and the other person's best interests in mind; we seek feedback, listen and use it as a learning opportunity, and we give each other feedback that is supportive and constructive.
•We care about each other as people, demonstrate mutual respect, and work to create an environment where people enjoy coming to work and feel good about themselves.
•We measure our commitment by the behaviours that we demonstrate, and work within an environment that is trusting, where we hold ourselves accountable on the commitments we make.