City Focus Optometry & Eyewear

727 7 Ave SW #100
Calgary, AB T2P 0Z5

Vision Therapy & Eye Exams in Downtown Calgary

Drs. Dodds and Drouin provide vision therapy assessments in Calgary, AB, including visual perceptual testing, as well as comprehensive visual skills remediation.

City Focus Optometry & Eyewear is one of the largest and most successful full-service practices in downtown Calgary. Our eye doctors are a popular choice for those needing specialty lens fits, and they enjoy taking the necessary time to fit contact lenses properly and safely. We have a wealth of experience with all contact lens types, and are especially knowledgeable about astigmatism, bifocals, corneal eye diseases and children's eye care and vision therapy. We are well known for our problem solving skills, and treatment of eyes that have been damaged by previous products.

Contact Lenses Eye Exams & Fitting

Our optometrists believe that almost everyone can wear contact lenses with the proper choice of product and care regimen. We also offer guidance about contact lens wearing schedules, because contact lenses are medical devices that can harm the eyes and lids if worn incorrectly. We are proud to provide Co-Managment of Lasik with the Gimbel Eye Centre.

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