Crossroads Furniture

2222 18th Ave NE
Calgary, AB T2E 1L5

We completely own all our establishments like showroom, equally huge warehouse, delivery & transportation fleets etc. We have the biggest selection of style, quality and value. Apart from carrying most of the top furniture brands, we also have an exclusive'CFM-collection' to suit your needs. We have hundreds of bedrooms, mattresses, dining rooms, sofa/LS, recliners, home-office, Rugs, lamps etc. to choose from. The best part is that 80% of our display products would be INSTOCK and a very fast pick-up/delivery is possible.
At Crossroads Furniture, we also have our own range of all the rooms like Bedroom, Mattress, Dining, Sofa/Recliners, Wall Units/Entertainments, tables, Area Rugs, accessories etc. Click here to find best quality sets at low prices. We are able to keep our prices low because of economy of scale. We always pass the benefits on to the customers.