Fort Calgary

750-9 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2P 2M5
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Fort Calgary Preservation Society

Fort Calgary is operated by the Fort Calgary Preservation Society. The Society's mandate is to preserve, utilize, develop, interpret and promote Fort Calgary for the benefit of the citizens and visitors to the city of Calgary.

The Society is governed by a Board consisting of members from the community. The City of Calgary owns all of Fort Calgary's assets, Fort Calgary is operated as an autonomous body, separate from The City of Calgary.
Our Brand

Fort Calgary is the symbolic heart and hub of the community. From its majestic and sweeping vantage point, Fort Calgary represents the actual genesis of the city that surrounds it today.

It is the authentic lens through which Calgary's history is interpreted and presented to frame the values, codes of conduct and distinctive character that spread into every facet of today's society, culture and commercial development.

For those who cherish the significance of authenticity and the relevance of roots, "The Fort" is the enduring opportunity to understand, touch and experience the birthplace of Calgary's character, spirit and deeply enshrined values.
Our Mission

To create a place where people and history intersect to rebuild Fort Calgary as the centre of Calgary.

Our Goals
1.To create a "sense of place/home" for all Calgarians.

2.Fort Calgary will be a place that provides quiet, reflective, meaningful experiences in contrast to an increasingly rapid, complex, technological and fragmented world.

3.To achieve cultural, financial and environmental balance while respecting Fort Calgary's values.

4.To highlight the Past (1875 - 1914), Present and Future of Calgary.
5.To play a role in the promotion of Fort Calgary as a player in the discussion and debate on current issues.
6.To show leadership while managing Fort Calgary's changing roles, responsibilities and challenges.