Hillhurst Hardware

134 - 10th Street NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1V3

The History of Hillhurst Hardware

Hillhurst Hardware was established in 1945 by Abraham Sigler

Abe was born in Montreal but was moved to Edmonton when he was two years. His Father, Philip, ran a general store which Abe and his brothers and sisters all helped out in when they were old enough.

Abe worked, for a time, as a motion picture projectionist travelling around the small towns in Alberta showing films. He joined the Canadian Air Force during the second world war and worked as an aircraft mechanic.

After the war Abe settled in Calgary and started Hillhurst Hardware and continued to work as a projectionist in the evenings. The store was soon making money and Abe asked his brother Jack to come to Calgary and partner up in the store.

In 1951 Abe married Letha Christensen, a widow with two teenage daughters, Connie and Pat. Pat began working at Hillhurst when Abe and Jack both wanted to retire and in 1973 Pat and her husband Ralph bought the store.

Pat and Ralph ran the store for 27 years. Their only son, Phil, began working in the store at an early age. In 1985 Phil got married to a feisty Jacqueline Boyer and in 2000, when Pat and Ralph wanted to retire, Phil and Jackie bought the store. They are the third generation owners of Hillhurst Hardware.