Hoffman and Wolk Orthodontics

4600 Crowchild Trail N.W. Suite 201
Calgary, AB T3A 2L6

Since 1977, Drs. Barry Hoffman and Ronald Wolk have been dedicated to creating beautiful, healthy smiles that last a lifetime.

What makes Hoffman and Wolk Orthodontics meet the current Standard of Care in Alberta?
• We utilize orthodontic methods currently available in Orthodontics. We offer computer aided bracket placement systems with Damon® System* brackets, aesthetic braces, and Invisalign®*. Each orthodontic treatment is specifically designed to address your individual situation in order to create a healthy smile that looks great!
• Drs. Hoffman and Wolk will put the needs of you and your family first, and are always available through our emergency phone lines. We are dedicated to being good communicators, and our staff will always take the time to make sure you understand your treatment fully, and will answer any questions you may have.
• Families are always welcome in our office! We have office events, and parents appreciate our array of orthodontic information through CDs, pamphlets and our website. Younger siblings also enjoy our "Kids on Track" program, which engages children that are anxiously waiting to start their orthodontic treatment. The program is provided as a complimentary service and includes contests and prizes for our prospective patients. Members of our "Kids on Track Club" are seen on a regular basis to keep parents informed regarding the child's orthodontic status.
• Drs. Hoffman and Wolk are Board Certified Orthodontic Specialists with over 33+ years of experience in Calgary, and are often referred to by their colleagues regarding patient treatment planning and care.
• Our office is located in The Northland Professional Building, which provides all the dental specialties such as Pediatric Specialists, Prosthodontists, Endodontists, Oral Surgery, and Periodontists. This means our doctors can take advantage of many talented professionals to provide you and your children with the full spectrum of specialty care!

*Each and every patient is an individual and therefore individual results may vary. Drs. Hoffman and Wolk do not necessarily subscribe to the treatment claims made by the orthodontic manufacturers.