ReImagine Basements

During this time we have worked hard to gather feedback and learn as much as we can about how to make this process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

We have listened to these lessons and implemented many improvements that set us apart from our competition. With this in mind, we are excited to be rebranding our company as ReImagine Basements, with the sole focus of being the best basement development company that this region has seen.

We look at every basement development with a focus on creating a great space for you and your family to enjoy, while also maximizing your home equity. By providing our services at a highly competitive price point, we ensure that you will see the money that you spend on your basement back when you go to sell your home down the road.

In order to achieve the best renovation experience possible we focus on four core principles:

1. Providing Top Quality Workmanship

2. Within the Desired and Promised Time Frame

3. At an Affordable Price

4. With Clear and Open Lines of Communication

Our package pricing is built on the premise of letting you know what to expect before we come to your home for an onsite quote. Through our website and phone estimates, we can let you know quite accurately what to expect before ever stepping foot in your home.

When it comes to creating a top-quality living space that you and your family will love, but without breaking the bank in order to do so, Reimagine basements is uniquely suited to provide that service.

So please, if you are considering developing your basement, contact us today and let’s discuss how we can create a space for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Why Use ReImagine?

5 Year Warranty On All Parts And Labour - Giving you peace of mind!

All Projects Integrated On Evernote - Allowing for better communication between our customers and trades and creating a more efficient process!

We Use Only Top-Quality Specialized Trades - Master Plumber, Master Electrician. Every aspect of our projects is tended to by specialists in that trade. This definitely increases both the quality and speed of the project.

Guaranteed Timeline - Our standard projects take from 7-9 weeks, but we offer a further guarantee that our standard projects will not run over 10 weeks. As security, we will credit $50 off the final payment every business day until the job is done.

We Are Dedicated Basement Specialists - We develop basements and basements only. We know what we are good at and stick to it. By repeating our process over and over again we are able to achieve better and more consistent results.

Competitively Priced - We run at an 18% markup which is extremely low for the industry. The money that you spend translates into high-quality trades and products rather than lining your contractor's pockets.

3 In-Depth ReImagine Inspections - Your project manager will meet you for an in-depth inspection after the rough-in stage, the drywall/paint stage and at the end of the project. We go to great lengths to make sure that nothing is missed in these inspections so that we can avoid mistakes and delays. We do not proceed to the next step until both you and the project manager have signed off on these inspections.

No Deposit Required - We don't take any deposits on our work. At signing we bill an initial $500 payment which covers the planning done to that point. We don't take any further payment until after all electrical, plumbing, framing, and other pre-drywall work is done.