Scissorworks and Company

10421 Bonaventure Drive S.E
Calgary, AB T2J 6Y2

You will be greeted by our welcoming staff, offered a comfortable robe to protect your clothing, and invited to select a drink from our ever-changing drink menu.

“Try our drink of the month.” – You will be able to relax with one of our soothing head massages, and of course, you will leave with a fashionable look that will feel great showing off to your family and friends.

Our team strives to make every client feel comfortable.

It is an obvious feeling when you walk into Scissorworks and Company, that our team has an amazing solidarity.

If you ask your stylist what they love most about the salon, you can bet their first answer would be that we are like a family. We are constantly working together, keeping up on salon education and offering each other new ideas to keep the motivation flowing. Together, we strive to ensure our clients receive the best possible care when they are with us.

Our team treats our clients with respect and appreciation and make them feel good about themselves. Clients trust our judgment and our recommendations. That is why clients have been coming into Scissorworks and Company for over 20 years.

See for yourself. You will not be disappointed!