TierOne Travel

303 - 37 Richard Way S.W
Calgary, AB T3E 7M8

TierOne exclusively serves independent travel consultants, which differentiates us in the industry. Our consultants are highly experienced and extremely motivated to provide the best possible service for you. In fact, their livelihoods are dependent upon it!

Our company provides the infrastructure that allows our consultants to operate their own businesses, while freeing them to serve their clients. In this time of information overload, the in-depth and current knowledge of our consultants provides you with guidance in making the best choice for your travel needs.

Our travel consultants represent a wide variety of specialties including corporate travel, South Pacific, destination weddings, adventure travel, cruise, culinary experiences, and wellness travel.
The level of experience represented within TierOne is highly respected by our supplier partners, and appreciated by our loyal clients.

The TierOne Travel ownership group is comprised of six industry veterans, representing a combined total of over 200 years’ experience in travel. Each member brings a unique perspective to the business, and they are able to work well together to incorporate each one’s strengths. As one of Western Canada’s highest volume travel agencies, and the top Canadian agency in the Ensemble Travel Group* for 2012, we are able to act on your behalf from a position of strength.

Welcome to TierOne Travel….we look forward to serving you!